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We are pleased to announce the details for our next UK activity where we will be working with the Three Wine Men ( to host a series of masterclasses and tastings to wine loving consumers.

The Activity:

Virtual Masterclass & tasting themes:  

The activity will be held over three different on-line sessions which will be themed around our regional DO’s Andes, Entre Cordilleras & Costa. During each masterclass one of the Three Wine Men will host the tasting and give an understandable insight into the D.O then will discuss the wines on tasting with the winemaker giving attendees an interactive taste of Chile.

How wines are selected:

You are invited to submit samples to the Three Wine Men team based on the above DO’s themes. You can submit a maximum of  two wines for each session theme and the criteria is that the wine must be available in the UK and have a maximum retail price of GBP £25.00.-


The Three Wine Men team will then taste and score each wine. Should your wine be given a score of 90 or more points you will be permitted to use the tasting note in your marketing and will be included in a Three Wine Men blog post. With the absence of physical trade tastings, this is a good opportunity to get your wine in front the Three Wine Men team.

The virtual tastings:

After the tasting, the Three Wine Men will then select the three wines they wish to feature in their virtual tasting. Each speaker will inform attendees of the virtues and unique traits for each region being discussed. The winemakers of the wines featured will be invited to join in the masterclass for an interview and discuss the wines, this can be in a vineyard setting or within the winery.  The interview will take about 10 minutes per winery and there will be a live Q&A session at the end of the class.

We love the summer!:

These masterclasses will be held in the mid-winter here in the UK where it is likely to be bleak, wet and dark, so to see a vineyard and sunshine will give the best image of Chile, attendees are always interested to see a winery close-up.


Each of the three masterclasses along with the wines selected (sold as a pack of all three selected wines) will be promoted on the Three Wine Men website as well as via social media, e-newsletters & their blogs, these communications will go out to their database of 300,000 wine enthusiasts who are keen to learn and enjoy their wine suggestions.

Having the tasting packs available is  a positive way to future repeat purchases. We will send further logistics details on confirmation of your wines being selected.


Each of these tastings will be viewed by an audience of up to 100 households (so will be more than one viewer).  The first on-line event will be held on 17th December and will be on Andes wines. The following two will be held on 14th (Entre Cordilleras) & 28th January (Costa).

These virtual tastings are the perfect opportunity to appeal to the UK consumer who have embraced on-line tastings and masterclasses whilst we are in the grip of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Cost of Participation:

To submit a wine for consideration in the online masterclasses the cost is:

  • Members: USD$195 per wine.
  • Non Members: USD$254 per wine.

*If you wine receives a score of 90 points or more you will be permitted to use the tasting quote in your future marketing.

** Prices were calculated based on the participation of a minimun of 15 wines per DO.

If your wine is selected to be featured in one of the on-line masterclasses, then there will be an additional cost of:

  • Members:  USD$985 
  • Non-members: USD$1275